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Will you be seeking advice on animal nutrition on Facebook? In a digital ecosystem saturated with information about animal nutrition, pet owners often find themselves lost in a sea of contradictory data. If you’ve ever tried to find information to better feed your pet, you know that it’s really difficult to rely on what you can read, especially in private groups discussing Petfood.

Petfood Advisor stands out as a beacon in the fog of dietary uncertainty for our four-legged companions, with the goal of becoming a trusted social network for consumers and a firm commitment to clarify the complex landscape of animal nutrition. This portal offers a unique user experience designed for both education and engagement.

Why visit Petfood Advisor?

Rigorous Curation and Education

Petfood Advisor centralizes and simplifies access to reliable and verifiable information on animal nutrition, aiming to instill good habits in consumers. Users can read carefully selected articles known for their scientific accuracy and relevance to their own research. The goal is to provide consumers with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about their pets’ diets.

Comparison and Transparency

The website allows users to objectively compare the composition of dry food and wet food, a crucial feature for those looking to optimize their pets’ diets with products tailored to their specific needs. In doing so, they will understand why they cannot rely on rankings of pet food based on carbohydrate levels or an ABCDE Petfood Score based on the same criteria.

Community and Discussion

Forums and groups facilitate lively exchanges of experiences and opinions. Whether you are an advocate of the BARF diet, a proponent of the convenience of kibble, or simply seeking advice, Petfood Advisor provides a platform to voice your ideas and share tips. You can participate in the site’s groups and forums, as well as our public spaces on Facebook or Youtube.

Interactivity and Engagement

Petfood Advisor transforms animal nutrition into an interactive playground. Users can choose their “camp,” participate in fun and educational challenges, and earn rewards with a Petfood Score that values participation and learning. We are developing an online game that will allow playful competition among all contributors, who will be evaluated based on the number of contributions, comments, and overall activity.

Combatting Fake News

With the help of advanced technologies, Petfood Advisor is committed to detecting and demystifying false information, offering users the peace of mind that the advice they follow is based on verified facts. Since 2006, false information has been rampant in the field of animal nutrition, especially regarding carbohydrates, which are poorly understood by those who present themselves as pet food whistleblowers on Facebook.

Simplification through AI

Technical articles become accessible thanks to AI capable of summarizing them in a comprehensible manner, ensuring that specialized knowledge is not the privilege of veterinarians or animal nutritionists. A few years ago, consumers would read publications without the ability to verify them. With artificial intelligence, everyone has the opportunity to simplify the reading of scientific articles and avoid manipulation on subjects like false alerts about toxic pet food shared on Facebook.

Beyond a Simple Website

Animal Social Network

Petfood Advisor is surrounded by complementary channels โ€“ Sos Petfood, Petfood Alert, Croquette Alerts, Petfood Score, Vigiscore โ€“ increasing visibility of discussions and allowing continuous monitoring of market trends. This feature is very useful for professionals who can use our monitoring and referencing services.

Professional Services

For industry players, Petfood Advisor offers monitoring of fake reviews and the possibility to create a customized page or website for their communication and news, establishing a relationship of trust and transparency with consumers.

A Universe Dedicated to Animals

Beyond nutrition, the site expands to cover a range of topics related to animals, their products, and services, aspiring to become an essential community for every pet owner.

Are you interested in animal nutrition?

We invite you to join Petfood Advisor, to inform yourself, to interact, and to become enlightened actors in the nutrition of your companions. Here, every voice counts, every question deserves an answer, and every dietary choice can be optimized for the well-being of our beloved animals. Come explore, learn, discuss, and transform the way we nourish those who bring us so much joy.

Welcome to an era of conscious and connected animal nutrition.