How to use artificial intelligence to evaluate wet food and dry food ?

How to use artificial intelligence to evaluate wet food and dry food ?

Perhaps you have already asked an artificial intelligence for advice on evaluating your dog or cat’s food. But if you try, you’ll find that it’s not the best way to find useful information for finding animal nutrition resources. Indeed, you cannot ask an artificial intelligence, for example ChatGpt:

  • Is this brand of kibble good for my dog?
  • What brand of wet food can you recommend to me to feed my cat well?
  • What are the brands of toxic kibble?
  • What are the best kibble brands in the world?

You will notice that these are the same questions that are regularly found on private Facebook groups specializing in animal nutrition. However, an AI can provide you with general information on pet nutrition, but you have to know how to ask the right questions, and above all, how to use the results intelligently.

Artificial intelligence and Petfood: how to find solutions for consumers?

It is important to note that an artificial intelligence will never replace a veterinarian and that its advice should not replace a professional medical consultation, or animal nutrition advice from a qualified professional. Indeed, you may have noticed that discussions on forums and Facebook groups specializing in animal nutrition copy content found all over the Web. Some of this information is very old, rarely updated, and sometimes stems from different conspiracy theories. You will also find references to this “petfood mafia” theory already presented on our partner sites.

When it comes to feeding your pet, it is always best to consult a veterinarian, as each animal has specific nutritional needs depending on their age, size, breed and possible health problems. This is why we think it is not serious to follow the recommendations of a person who will recommend the same brand of kibble regardless of your animal, without any distinction of its own characteristics.

Why does the Petfood-Score Pacta ® not rate your kibbles?

It is for this reason that the Petfood-Score Pacta ® does not assign a score to a brand of kibble or pâté for dogs and cats. Already, it would be necessary to find reliable classification criteria validated by animal nutrition professionals. Second, most dog and cat dry food and food comparison tables, and ranking tables, are based simply on reading the labels. However, the information on these labels is never guaranteed, it is a simple estimate for the consumer: under these conditions, what do you think of the reliability of Petfood applications that offer you to scan your pet’s food?

Our approach to artificial intelligence is very different. First, we regularly remind you of the limits of the analytical information that appears on your labels. But what can add value is the analysis of this data by artificial intelligence, with classification of ingredients, comparisons of percentages, and an automation of the calculations of deducted carbohydrates. And with regard to the carbohydrate levels, we also recall the limits of the classifications by the deducted carbohydrates.

The artificial intelligences that you are using at the moment are much too generalist, they do not have access to all the information. With Petfood Advisor ®, we try to collect data that only concerns Petfood, by integrating information that is not archived by search engines, for example with the content of certain public or private Facebook groups.

To help us build this Petfood database, continue to send us your opinions, your testimonials, your information, your documents. Join our partner groups and forums!


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