We are open to partnerships with pet food professionals.

What sources of funding can be found for an animal nutrition social network?

It is becoming increasingly difficult to make reliable choices when trying to better feed our pets, and we hope you understand why you cannot rely on comparative charts of dog and cat kibble and wet food based on deduced carbohydrate levels. The principle of the Petfood-Score Pacta® is to develop your critical thinking when it comes to fake news and aggressive behaviors in the pet food industry.

We are excited to develop new features for our Petfood social network project, aiming to create a dynamic and engaging platform where you can exchange information. We hope you can find valuable advice on brands of kibble and wet food for your four-legged companions, especially in a much more pleasant discussion environment than what you would find on other social media platforms. Our goal is to provide you with a friendly space where you can discuss, share experiences, and stay informed about alerts regarding potentially toxic food products, of course, with the usual verifications. You may have noticed that most alerts about toxic kibble shared on social media are not reliable.

How to finance an animal nutrition social network?

However, in order to bring this vision to life and offer you a serious and high-quality service, we need to find sources of funding to cover the numerous essential computer expenses for the network’s smooth operation and to finance the time invested in this project, which requires extensive development. This is why it is crucial for us to find ways to finance our project. You only need to look at how many computer projects have been abandoned, such as pet food applications that did not offer services tailored to specific needs.

How can we gather the budget we need for this development? The first thing to do, and it’s free for you, is to promote this project by sharing our articles, as well as those from our YouTube channels and social media platforms. Most of the content on our partner sites is freely accessible, and for those who are interested, we will offer paid services as part of the Pacta® IT services. Please note that these services do not involve providing animal nutrition advice (as it is a regulated activity), but rather subscriptions to IT services or the purchase of publications (guides, e-books).

By spreading the word about our project and generating interest, we hope to attract a user base that sees value in the services we offer. This, in turn, can generate revenue through subscriptions, the sale of publications, and potentially partnerships or collaborations with relevant businesses in the animal nutrition industry.

Additionally, we may explore opportunities for advertising partnerships, where companies in the pet food or related industries can promote their products or services to our engaged community. This can provide a source of income while ensuring that the advertisements are relevant and valuable to our members.

Lastly, we may consider seeking funding through grants, sponsorships, or venture capital investment. This would require presenting our project to potential investors or organizations that align with our mission and values.

By diversifying our revenue streams and continuously delivering valuable content and services, we can establish a sustainable financial model for the animal nutrition social network and ensure its long-term success.

We appreciate your support in spreading the word about our project and look forward to providing you with a valuable and engaging platform for exchanging information and improving the well-being of our beloved pets.

Should a paid version of a Petfood application be offered?

We are open to your own ideas for financing our social network project, whether through paid services or simply by sharing our content.

Website hosting, computer expenses, servers, software, subscriptions: A social network requires powerful computer resources to ensure a smooth and secure user experience, as well as a significant investment of time for setup. Hosting a website requires high-performance servers capable of handling the traffic generated by member interactions, and we have established a network of partner sites with links to our YouTube channels, as well as our Facebook pages and groups.

Content creation, article writing, video preparation: We aim to provide you with useful and reliable information about pet food brands. We are exploring how we can streamline this data collection process with artificial intelligence, but it is quite complex to implement. This involves regularly writing informative articles based on in-depth research and expert advice to keep you informed about the latest trends and best practices in animal nutrition. To achieve this, we need to gather numerous resources and, most importantly, filter out unreliable information.

One option to consider is offering a paid version of the Petfood application that provides additional features or exclusive content to subscribers. This can create a revenue stream to support the ongoing development and maintenance of the social network. The paid version could include premium access to expert consultations, personalized nutrition recommendations, advanced search capabilities, or exclusive discounts on pet food products.

In addition, sponsored content or partnerships with trusted brands in the pet food industry can provide a source of income. These partnerships could involve collaborations on educational content, product reviews, or promotions, where relevant and valuable information is shared with our community while generating revenue through sponsored posts or advertising.

Another approach is to offer premium memberships or subscriptions that provide enhanced benefits, such as access to a community of experts, exclusive forums or groups, priority customer support, or early access to new features and updates.

We believe in the importance of offering valuable and reliable information for free to ensure accessibility for all users. However, introducing paid services or premium features can help sustain the project, improve the user experience, and ensure the long-term viability of the social network.

Ultimately, the decision to offer a paid version of the Petfood application will depend on various factors, including user demand, market research, and the financial goals and sustainability of the project. It is important to strike a balance between providing value to users and generating revenue to support the ongoing development and operation of the network.

The Solution: Selling Publications and Newsletters

Promoting the project and general communication: In order to raise awareness of our social network and attract an increasing number of members, we need to invest in effective promotion strategies that are implemented over the long term to foster its development. This can include online advertising campaigns, partnerships with influencers, and targeted marketing actions to reach interested pet owners. However, due to the prevalence of false information and influencers who lack credibility, the selection process will take time.

Programming and development: To continuously improve our platform, add new features, and address any technical issues that may arise, we rely on a team of skilled developers and correspondents who can provide effective guidance and suggest ideas to make the social network even more appealing. This allows us to provide a user-friendly, intuitive, and scalable service that meets your needs. We are aware of the significant demand from consumers, but it must be acknowledged that the options for discovering reliable and enjoyable information remain quite limited.

We are open to partnerships with pet food professionals.

The search for funding sources will allow us to maintain the viability of this ambitious project and continue our commitment to you, the members of our community. Therefore, we need your participation. Consider signing up on one of our websites, joining our groups, or forums to ask your questions. This will also enable us to remain independent and prioritize your interests and satisfaction, rather than relying on external compromises that could compromise the quality of our service or even lead to the abandonment of this costly project without any commercial returns.

We are confident that with your support and our shared determination, we can create a useful social network for pet owners where the shared information is reliable, the advice is valuable, and the food alerts are instant. Your ongoing participation and support will be essential in making this project feasible and sustainable, as you are aware of the limitations of private Facebook groups in the field of animal nutrition.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding and involvement in the success of this project, as you are familiar with the numerous obstacles we have faced in recent years and the frequent attacks that we need to anticipate. We are excited to launch this platform and welcome you to our growing community, with the aim of helping you better nourish your pets.

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