What do you expect from a social network for animals?

Join Rentork, the social network for all pets
Join Rentork, the social network for all pets

Many people have a habit of sharing images and videos of their favorite animal. For this, they use their own social networks, for example Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

How to share images and videos of your pet?

But this way of proceeding has many drawbacks. First of all, it is likely that your content will be stolen by other people, who will thus feed their own publications. And you don’t have a lot of control.

Then, suppose a person arrives on the photo of your dog and your cat, and that he wants to follow his news: how to do? Should you force him to follow you on Facebook? If you also post content that is not going to interest him, it is likely that your pet will lose a fan.

Test this social network for animals

There is so much uninteresting content on social networks that more and more people are turning away from it. This is why Rentork.io is a different social network:

  • it’s a social network that only concerns animals
  • priority is the images and videos of your pet (and all pets
  • profile pictures and videos are filtered before publication
  • you cannot publish content without validation from a moderator
  • you do not need to register, nor to already have a profile on social networks
  • your pet’s profile will be shared by other members of the social network, and by the facilitators

To learn more about this social network for pets, we invite you to test it, by sending some images and videos.


Rentork is a social network that also includes discussion forums, especially in the field of Petfood. You can therefore ask your questions on the site, answer other members, and follow Petfood news.