IT services for Petfood companies

IT services for Petfood companies

As a business owner, you are already accustomed to communicating online and through social media. However, since you are not the only one who has made this decision, you need solutions to stand out from the competition. Pacta® IT services, such as website creation, hosting, SEO, and customer review monitoring, are of great importance to companies in the animal nutrition industry. The Petfood Advisor® social network is a highly useful and innovative communication platform for Petfood sector companies, as their customers are constantly seeking information about their kibble and canned food.

Benefit from our Webmaster services

Website creation: Having a well-designed and functional website is essential for businesses in all sectors of the economy, including animal nutrition. A professional website allows companies to showcase their products, services, nutritional information, and establish a strong online presence. This enables reaching a wider audience, attracting new customers, and enhancing the company’s credibility. While most companies in the sector have a website, their communication on social media remains quite limited.

Website hosting and audit

Website hosting ensures that the company’s website is reliably and securely available online, and we offer various hosting packages to highlight your activities. This allows potential customers to access the site at any time, which is essential for providing an optimal user experience and, more importantly, for finding numerous mentions of your products on the internet in general. Additionally, quality hosting contributes to the loading speed of the site, which is an important factor for user satisfaction and search engine optimization.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is crucial for increasing the online visibility of a business. By optimizing the structure and content of your website, you help your company appear higher in search engine results and develop your online presence. It is a solution to attract qualified organic traffic and increase the chances of converting them into customers. For animal nutrition companies, good SEO allows them to be more easily found by pet owners searching for advice and products.

Customer review monitoring and management

Customer reviews play a crucial role in the reputation of a business, and you may have already noticed that there are private Facebook groups specialized in creating fake customer reviews. Our service allows companies to track comments and ratings left by customers on various online platforms, utilizing the expertise of Pacta® Feedback and a network of investigative professionals who are available in case of media attacks. This enables you to promptly respond to customer concerns and maintain a positive reputation. In cases of fake reviews, defamatory messages, or derogatory comments, we implement effective monitoring procedures. By actively monitoring reviews, you can maintain consumer trust, improve your brand image, and most importantly, grow your business.

With this Petfood-focused social network, you also benefit from a platform where consumers can discuss, exchange experiences, and share their opinions about products and brands. You are aware that evaluations of dog and cat kibble and canned food are regularly shared on social media. This helps create an engaged community, giving animal nutrition companies the opportunity to gain visibility, interact directly with customers, address their questions, and promote their products in a targeted manner. This enhances the visibility of the company and promotes positive word-of-mouth, which can contribute to its growth and success in the animal nutrition sector.

While brand attacks are common on social networks like Facebook, you benefit from our network of websites to establish your communication, detect attacks from malicious competitors, and therefore, grow your business.

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